Doll Toys 2: 4 Book Bundle of Dollification Bimbofication Taboo Fetish


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PSA: This bundle contains naughty girls and a naughtier men, sexually frustrated and willing-to-do-anything woman women with inappropriate bosses, a man who can afford to pay women to do anything. There will be gratification and mindless submission to a men with complete mastery – in any slot these men wish to be masters of. There will be tongues between folds, there will be gushing, there will be inexperienced men losing their innocence, and there will be double and triple teaming for your the pleasure. Enjoy!



The Collected Doll Toys:

The paycheck was too sweet to refuse.


Three Men One Doll Toy:

There’s only one way to infiltrate her target – become a doll toy.


Sharing a Doll Toy:

He always wanted her, but he could never have her…


Doll Toy Delivery:

What would you do if you found a doll suit on your front step?


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