First Time Gay MM 3 Book Bundle #1: Man on Man


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Three First Time MM Erotica Short Stories:

King Sized

When Tad and Daine are sent on a week-long business conference, they assumed they’d be staying in separate rooms. Their penny-pinching boss had different plans.

Now, one King Sized bed is all that separates the two. Tad, the newest member of the team, wanted to test the waters at his boys-club work place before he came out. Being shoved into a room with the hunkiest partner in the firm wasn’t part of the plan.

Completely unaware of the effect he’s having, Daine strips down and hops in the shower. Hot steam isn’t the only thing heating up the room. Will Daine turn down a new business venture or will Tad give him an offer he can’t refuse?


Father Forgive

Graduation is tomorrow, and Alex will take his vows of priesthood Monday morning.

His friend takes him out for one last wild night on the town. Problem is, Alex has never been into the octane lifestyle of dance clubs and fast women. He’s never been that into women at all. It’s exactly why he’s a good fit for the priesthood, right?

And then Hank showed up. He was every bit the man his old-school name warranted. And he understood. This wasn’t his kind of place, either. Hank takes the reigns leads Alex down a new path.

Which calling will Alex follow?


Punished by Coach

When Scott’s flagrant foul loses his team the big game, he knows he has a lot to make up for. He’s used to hitting it fast and hard on the field, but is he ready for Coach’s brand of down and dirty discipline in the locker room? Scott is sure his hot and hunky Coach will have some hard and rough words for him when he gets called into his office.

Scott is ready and eager to please his coach. Can he make up for his error, or will Coach show Scott just how hard it is to play for his team?


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