Hucow Milkings: 5 Book Hucow Bundle


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Five Hot Milking Shorts to Sate Your Thirst



Forbidden Milk:


I’m bursting and need relief.


The doctor gave me a pump, but I can’t bring myself to use it. I want something more… organic. The Young Man Who Grew Up In My House, Sean, has always been very attentive to my needs, and now he can’t keep his eyes off my new, big assets.



Forbidden Relief:


I try to stop myself—it’s so inappropriate wanting him to relieve me of my swelling—but I can’t help myself. I need his lips on my utters, and I need his young piston to rev my engine.


Can I get over my taboo conceptions and let my young man drain me dry?



Dairy Farm Sorority:


Emma and some sorority members are desperate to scrape together enough cash to attend the party week of their life. They receive a tip about a dairy farm always looking for willing applicants, and Emma uses her feminine appeal to increase her chances of being chosen. Her body has to be changed to fit the job: her thin frame is filled out, and she goes from stick to goddess as she grows curves and large breasts that scream for release.



Doctor’s Forbidden Milk:


I need a doctor


I’m told the growing in my chest isn’t because of any physical ailments. I don’t need any kind of doctor; I need a psychiatrist.



Milk My Wife:


My husband is leaving on a trip for the university he teaches at, and I’ll be all alone.


I hate using the pump to relieve my swollen, aching breasts. If my husband leaves me two weeks, what will I do?


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