Penthouse Show: Exhibitionist Public Show Taboo


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It’s late night, and he’s all alone.

Across the elevated train platform, he has a great view. Right into her bedroom. He sees a young woman pleasuring herself, curtains wide open, and all he could do is watch. She sees him as well – maybe this is what she was waiting for. She puts on a nasty girl show only for his peeping eyes.

Watching her with that big column between her legs, he needs to get in on the action. He unzips right there and strokes. Momma likes, but she likes a little too much. Her vocal pleasure brings in the man of the house.

The new guy gets an eyeful of the situation and decides to take the situation in hand. A hard spanking is in order, and then a swift claiming of his property. The blinds are closed on some powerful thrusting, but not before he gets her number.


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