Stop and Frisk: Bad Cops Feel So Good (Dubious Book 8)


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Available as eBook. AudioBook in audition.

A good looking woman can get herself out of all sorts of trouble.

Two officers are finishing up a call and enter the stairwell. They catch Michelle and her cousin loitering.

Time for a little naughty stop and frisk.

The officers tell them to place their hands on the wall. Michelle has a something on her that could get her in big trouble. Officer Ordonez does one heck of a thorough job searching every nook and crevice, and Michelle takes it all.

So, he decides to take the law into his own hands and give her – on the spot – community service.

Power dynamics are enforced, but heck if she doesn’t get all hot and bothered – hot enough to allow easy access for the officer’s baton.


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